May 31

Negatively Positive @ 1978 Arts Center, Maplewood NJ

  • 1978 Arts Center

April 25th - May 31st
Opening Reception May 3rd 2-5pm

“Negatively Positive” is a contradiction in terms offering all kinds of creative possibilities. It suggests conflict and contradiction and can open up a visual dialogue about how we process the world. Left to interpretation it can bring the exploration of spatial variations or the search for a deeper more personal discovery.

As artists we are always looking for new ways to give meaning to what we already know. The theme “Negatively Positive” stretches us to dig deeper and question what we take for granted.

Contributing Artists :

Annette Kushen
Cathleen McCoy Bristol
Nette Forne Thomas
Sarah Petruziello
Rudy Martin
Joy Yagid
Cindy Wolf
Mary Haviland-Keefe
Sharon Sayegh
Victor Esquilin
Sybil Archibald
Nancy Collings
Florence Weisz
Sarah Canfield
Jill Caporlingua
Jill Jackson
Evelyn Graves
Lisa Suss
Jo Bradney
Mike Dziomba
Bob Freese

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Farmstead Arts
Jun 8

Farmstead Arts

  • Farmstead Arts

We are excited to offer a large selection of work from all our members at this unique historic setting this Spring


OPENING RECEPTION:  Sunday, May 4th from 1-4pm

Spacial Drama @ BergenPAC
Mar 26

Spacial Drama @ BergenPAC

  • BergenPAC ~ Mezzanine Gallery

Seven members of the Co-op will be exhibiting work throughout March at the BergenPAC